Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Boy Who Changed the World

The next book I reviewed for Thomas Nelson’s blog group, Book Sneeze, was “The Boy Who Changed the World” by Andy Andrews. Having read another book by this author that was written for adults, I wasn’t sure what to expect out of a children’s book. I had a good first impression of the book, judging it by its cover. The illustrations by Philip Hurst are beautiful. They have bright colors, and are interesting to look at. I really liked the concept of this book. It starts out talking about a boy who changed the world, and told the things he did. Then it backtracks to someone who greatly influenced that boy’s life, and says that maybe it was the person before him who changed the world. It continues traveling back in time, recounting the ways that an individual changed another person’s life, and how that, in turn, changed many more lives. I like the fact that the characters are not fictional. They are real people in history who did wonderful things that ended up helping 2 billion people. I read this book to my 2 year old son, and while he was interested in it, I would recommend the age group to start a few years older. Some of the pages have lengthy paragraphs that may not hold a toddlers’ attention. Overall, a wonderful book!

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