Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who's In Charge Anyway DVD Review

The next thing I reviewed for Thomas Nelson’s blog group, Book Sneeze, was a movie called, “Hermie & Friends, Who is In Charge Anyway?” Although I have watched other Hermie movies before that I thought were good, this one wasn’t my favorite. The overall theme of the movie is good. It is teaching children that God will help us with situations that we don’t like to become something great for Him. One of the reasons I didn’t love the movie was because it didn’t seem very fluid. It seemed random, and jumped from scene to scene too abruptly. It has clips from previous movies also, which can be disappointing if you have already seen the other movies. Some of the things I did like about the movie were the voices of the characters (very cute), the animation (good), and the voice of God. (calming, reassuring) It also did address issues that many children face, such as fear, intimidation, and figuring out God’s plan for our lives. I think this movie would be best for children ages 4-9. With all of these factors combined, I would give this movie an average rating. A good movie, but not one to run out and buy for your collection.